Together, we are stronger.

Helen Marie McCracken, Founder


HM3 has been a God send to me. I left an abusive man and HM3 has helped me heal so much. I attempted to get counseling services with an old counselor of mine but the wait was 4-8 months and I needed services asap. I reached out to HM3 and I was able to get services in a couple weeks. I am an over the road trucker and wasn’t able to get in until I was home next. She is beautiful inside and out. She doesn’t judge me and doesn’t let me judge myself. Healing is not an easy task or for the faint of hearts BUT it’s about breaking cycles and generational curses. If that’s the hard work you are willing to sign up for, this is the place to do it! I would be a hot mess still if it wasn’t for HM3!

Verified Client of HM3 in their own words

I personally went through this organization for my healing from trauma and abuse. This was such a positive experience for me. Don’t get me wrong, healing is a tough process but well worth it. The personal one on one therapy was amazing and never felt judged or like I was being told what to do but guided through the whole process.

I would recommend this program to anyone that suffered from trauma from sexual abuse and or domestic violence.

Verified Client of HM3 in their own words